Latitude 38 Group is committed to sustainability and green initiatives by focusing on improving the world’s triple bottom line.

                                            We believe that every action counts.”



We focus on building our client’s equity and investment by fitting the best candidate with their ideal available property match. We provide resources for our buyers within various industries to help them improve their new projects through increased efficiency (such as decreased energy usage and water consumption through various methods). In addition, we utilize green tactics and methodology to improve our efficiency and reduce overhead so that we practice what we preach. We also utilize our advanced understanding of technology to ensure we are using the best, new methods to reach our target investors through greener methods of communication than is traditionally employed in our industry.


We are helping drive the revolution that is changing the way multi-family apartments monetize their buildings.  As many multi-family investors are aware, the largest renting population is working single mothers who have a different set of challenges. We are working with investors to revise their traditional thought pattern of multi-family buildings into offering a variety of other services (such as day care, etc), which benefit their renters and our community at large, while aiding their bottom line.


In addition to our basic green commitment (i.e. electronic correspondence over traditional mail, e-newsletter, internet marketing) and our team members each personal sustainability plans (PSPs), we focus on Second Life or Legacy Products.  We specialize in buildings whose livable life (average life of a building is 30 years) has expired and we actively work with investors to extend the life (a.k.a. Legacy Life) for another 30 years. We do this through working with our clients to ensure efficient and sustainable rehabs, which preserve and reuse beautiful historic buildings instead of continuing the practice of disposing old buildings and rebuilding. Our focus on legacy life buildings limits our carbon footprints by eliminating the costs (financial and environmental) of new construction and the improvement of existing buildings to current environmental standards.