LATITUDE 38 GROUP- MULTI FAMILY ADVISORS was founded by Tony Brettkelly in March 2009 when he recognized the need for a smaller, more adaptable firm to navigate the evolution of the commercial real estate market. With his vision, he was able to bring on a team focused on leading the necessary change required to navigate multi-family, investing in this new landscape.

The drive, expertise, and diversity of the team allows us to step up to the current challenges with a greater degree of preparation, provide depth and immediate response to each deal, and provide guidance for property management, debt restructure, equity, and financing. With the combination of our reliable contacts with lending and equity firms, our qualified buyer base, and the great relationships we have with sellers, our small but powerful team has the means to source high profile, quality, and must-have deals. We have the most qualified buyers to create the best competitive bid and therefore the highest price.

We are positioned to stay on the forefront of technology, building on our existing resources for efficient transactions and to handle distressed sales which will set the trend for the foreseeable future. Our focus is on off-market properties with a no-nonsense approach to figuring a way for quick and efficient transactions with discretion. We are organized to react immediately with a full service team and a qualified buyer group.

Our Clients Include: