Requirements vary for all deals and investments. Latitude 38 Group is positioned to provide the means to help with those requirements. We have close relations with both buyers and sellers and support them by raising capital and assisting them with their needs. Our team is small and flexible which allows us make any adjustments needed for efficient transactions.


Institutional Buyer for $10m + Deals

-- Willingness to look at projects under construction

-- Willingness to look at note sales

-- Interest in California, Nevada, and Texas markets

Bay Area Principal Looking to Acquire Multi-Family Properties

-- Interest in North and East Bay

Institutional Investor Looking for Multi-Family Assets in CA

-- Need 6.5% C-on-C return

Multi-Family Investor with Over $300m Allocated

-- Looking to create scale with large portfolio

-- Willingness to look at properties nationwide

Local Investment Group Looking To Build San Francisco Multi-Family Portfolio

California Investor Willing to Take on Under Construction Projects

-- Condo/Multi-family projects