San Francisco Skyline



Two years ago if you had a permitted condo project in San Francisco, you couldn’t give it away. For the last six months however there has been a dramatic change in the demand. Reverting condo projects to rentals have allowed financing for these developments and as such a number have now broken ground. Rincon Hill has seen a remarkable turnaround in the sale of entitled land new apartment towers. Rincon 2, 333 Harrison, 399 Fremont are all either breaking ground or set to. Mission Bay and 3rd St Corridor are all seeing dramatic change in the landscape whereas two years ago everything had pretty much stalled. It is exciting to see SOMA back with new construction projects and a renewed energy and a fresh look to the skyline.

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Status Property Name Address Units Neighborhoodsort icon
Approved 41 Tehama Street
41 Tehama Street
350 SOMA
Under Construction YMCA
220 Golden Gate Ave
174 SOMA
Completed SOMA Grand
1160 Mission St
246 SOMA
Completed 1 Ecker Place
1 Ecker Place
Approved 260 5th Street
260 5th Street
154 SOMA
In Planning Transbay Block 8
1st and Folsom St
600 SOMA
Approved 201 Folsom St
201 Folsom St
806 SOMA
Approved Edith de Witt Senior Housing
66 9th Street
107 SOMA
Approved 48 Tehama Street
48 Tehama Street
Approved 340 Fremont Street
340 Fremont Street
384 SOMA
In Planning 350 8th Street
350 8th Street
416 SOMA
Approved Californian
375 Fremont St
432 SOMA
In Planning 424 Brannan
424 Brannan
Completed Blu
631 Folsom
114 SOMA
Approved 2150 Folsom Street
2150 Folsom Street
114 SOMA
Approved 125 3rd St
125 3rd St
Approved 333 Fremont Street
333 Fremont Street
Completed 1 Hawthorne St.
1 Hawthorne St.
165 SOMA
In Planning 181 Fremont
181 Fremont
140 SOMA
Approved 255 7th St
255 7th St
Approved 1036 Mission Street
1036 Mission Street
100 SOMA
In Planning 2 Montgomery Street
2 Montgomery Street
248 SOMA
Approved 275 10th St
275 10th St
135 SOMA
Approved 1145 Mission St
1145 Mission St
Completed The Infinity - Phase I
300 Spear St
380 SOMA