Latitude 38 Group seeks to provide a service that is beyond any other in San Francisco that meets and exceeds the demands of city multi-family management.

Latitude 38 Group's mission is a simple one:

 "We care. We enhance the owner’s life by making full use of their asset through optimum lease up and operating efficiency. We enhance the life of the residents through care and attention to their living experience."

Latitude 38 Property Management differentiates itself :

• Through our quality of work, green management, excellent service and our high level of integrity, we change the relationship and image of tenant/landlord relationships, creating a "Luxury Living in the City” experience.

• 10 years of experience in a highly litigious management environment

• Utilizing the world of technology by providing 24 hour on-line service

• Low cost operation with a central location, with easy access to all districts of the City

• Very effective in managing multifamily San Francisco buildings

• Strong relationships with the rent board, city officials, organizations and quality vendors

• Highly focused marketing group targeted to the core rental community