2010 CMBS Modifications Outnumber the Last 2 Years Combined

Sign of further loan modifications for sellers and possibly buyers. http://bit.ly/cfxg4X

Will Soros' Hedge Fund Match His Gloomy Outlook?

Does Mr. Know-It-All really know it all??  Click here

Renter Nation provided by Barron's


The recession and shifting demographics will swell the ranks of people who will rent, not buy, housing over the next five years.  












Apartment Leases, Rents Pick Up - WSJ.com

May and June have shown clear signs of a turnaround in the cycle. We saw the slide continue through March however as we enter July the arrow has changed direction.


Buyers Turn Into Lenders

This is definitely a sign of things to come. With credit getting tighter sellers and buyers will have to be a lot more creative in order to close the deal.


Multifamily Acquisition Market Heats Up as Cap Rates Fall

The rosy picture continues with multi-family as positive fundamentals push cap rates lower. The market is definitely heating up.

Read full article here --> http://bit.ly/bkQ9Hu

Rental Fundamentals Improve Overnight

Good news for rental rates and retention nationwide. Retention rates have hit record highs. http://bit.ly/bFfJAA
National fundamentals have made dramatic improvements in the first quarter of 2010. http://bit.ly/c6zd0i

Split on Standards Set to Widen

Financial Times reports that new proposals on accounting standards could loosen up the tight grip banks have on inventory. This appears to be very positive. Obviously pressure is not coming from the Real Estate Lobby nor from banks nor FDIC. The real pressure could come from equity markets who are having difficulty analyzing the real value of banks without the "mark to market" accounting.
Read the full article here --> http://bit.ly/9YJszB

The Implications of a Falling Euro

Implications of a falling Euro could mean less foreign investment in U.S. real estate. The impact hopefully will not limit investment from the Asian sector.
Read the full article here --> http://bit.ly/bHhozY

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