Trophy Investors Snag 9900 Wilshire for $148 million

The International players are back. This high profile property in Beverly Hills originally purchased by a British group in '07 for $500 million just sold for $148 million with a Singapore Buyer... read full article.


FDIC Chairman Bair Defends Extend and Pretend

With regulations blatantly ignoring current rules required by the banking sector and free enterprise with CRE continuing to be absolutely stifled, the question that I keep thinking as the average Joe broker is – “Why are we tolerating this? Why is there not an uproar?” Sheila Bair is doing nothing but blowing off full article

How Long Can the Cap Cate Compression Last?

A really good question, notables in the industry say not for too much longer... read full article

Signs of Recovery For Office Market

Subtle signs of recovery as the trophy office assets are moving.


Hotels Lure Investors as Lodging Surpasses U.S. Offices, Retail

Hospitality appears to be priced well enough that buyers are acquiring aggressively.

Hotels Lure Buyers

Where the Heck is the Market Going?

We work in a firm that is predominantly a leasing brokerage. If you want to find out how the economy is really working, leasing is a true indicator. Lease up is generally happening for the wrong reasons, either because a better lease rate is going there, a sub lease, or a smaller space.

Multi-family Property Asking Price Index Trends

Fortress Takes Over San Francisco's Villas Parkmerced

Fortress Takes Over San Francisco's Villas Parkmerced Fortress Investment Group has taken over the owership entity of San Francisco's Villas Parkmerced apartment complex, after acquiring the mezzanine debt against the 3,221-unit more.

SF Bay Area Multi-family Market

Nationwide apartment market continues on a steady recovery. Effective rents increased or remained unchanged from last quarter in 29 out of 30 markets, as is occupancy. Decreasing cap rates followed the reduction in interest rates and increased buyer activity, while new construction was virtually nonexistent. San Francisco Bay Area Multi-family parallels the nationwide market....Read more

Left Turn on Carmel Valley Road

Carmel Valley has been overlooked in the last decade however it appears ready for a resurgence. Hyatt heir John Pritzker claims that Carmel Valley will not become the new Napa because it’s already better... read this great article.



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