Break out the Shovels!

This is as good an indicator as any of the sentiment for 2011. Developers , investors and bankers have to feel good about the world to start on new construction. I am starting to see a sea change in my market. The stars don’t have to be perfectly aligned to get a deal done.

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Implications of Rising Interest Rates on CRE Recovery

With a 100 basis point increase in interest rates in the last four months, the natural reaction would be a decline in pricing for 2011 however with Multi Family, that will not necessarily be the case.  Strong absorption rates nationwide and especially core markets are driving pro-forma underwriting. With local assets well informed principals are underwriting 5%  rental increases annually for the next three years.

Raintree continues to buy locally

The acquisition of the Livermore asset is the latest of a number of assets Raintree has acquired in the Bay Area.

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Meadowbrook Apartments

Yields surge for Fannie and Freddie mortgage bonds

Financial markets support for Fannie and Freddie bonds is very good news for multi-family. The last thing we want is a pull back on future financing.

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Senate easily approves tax plan, sends it to House

The extension of the tax law takes the pressure off having to close transactions by year end. The lower capital gains tax is obviously a welcomed delay.

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Carmel Estate - #2 Real Estate Deal

Carmel Estate is named #2 in the Top 10 best home and condo deals in the United States by <-- Click to read the full article!

Carmel Valley

Price Gains Underscore Market's Volatility

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New York City

ULI Panel Notes Growing Deal Flow

The great minds have decided that deal flow will pick up in 2011. I wish that we had come to the same conclusion...

San Francisco

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Ten Things of Know When Starting A Fund?

All of us in this business want to be principals. Now is the time to buy, but how do you raise the dough? Learn more.

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