Why and how to invest in real estate?

The real estate market has plenty of opportunities for making big gains, especially with the market at a low period in the economic cycle. While now is a great time to invest in assets that are stable and have very consistent returns, buying and owning real estate is complicated and therefore it is crucial to be well informed.

Optimism pervades the multi-family market in the Bay Area Tri-County

Looking ahead to 2012, Latitude 38 Group has identified excellent investment opportunities in the Bay Area Tri-County and has put together a market overview showing the major trends in this area.

Apartment Vacancy Should Hit 5% by Year End

-With nationwide vacancy at 5% this creates another perfect storm for Multi-Family. The 3 – 5% vacancy range is where the pendulum leans toward the landlord and therefore rents can really be pushed upward – an increase from current market.

-This 5% vacancy milestone is huge for the secondary and tertiary markets where the investment risk is mitigated with such high occupancy.

The End of Extend and Pretend?

If this article is on track in stating the market has bottomed out and banks will tend to release distressed loans and assets, will this finally allow our stalled industry to get back into business?

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SEC Probe Examines Bank-Loan Practices

The SEC claims to be examining the bank practices of “extend and pretend” and “amend and pretend”….well about time. It is shocking that  government oversight has played a blind eye for so long. Statements from banks saying that “loan accounting is and has been appropriate” is mind boggling when you see what is plainly evident.

Capital Markets Comeback in Full Swing

Even though this is a biased group, it definitely shows up the indicators toward more lending. George Smith Partners are a company that definitely has their pulse on the multi-family market. Lending is without question happening from the top end with the REITs and larger institutions but very stilted in the smaller asset size and secondary markets. That could easily change soon. 


What to do with $1.7 Trillion of Maturing Debt

Very interesting article focusing on what it’s going to take to deal with the maturing commercial mortgage debt: some $1.7 trillion between 2010 and 2015. The topic of discussion is also interestingly titled “Real Estate Markets 2011: What Factors Will Influence Your Decisions?” Stating that the availability of debt will be the biggest influence.  

Top 8 Multi-Family Buyers in the US

It is very interesting to see who the new players are that are climbing the ranks. With JP Morgan kicking into gear, it is good to see the major banks moving into our sector. Area, Invesco, Pantzer and Dune Capital are strong groups and very aggressive acquisition teams. With UDR back up there, it further emphasizes the REITs continued domination of the larger Class A assets and portfolios.

Top 8 MF Buyers


Multi-Family 2011- The year of the winner's curse?

Very interesting article. Will 2011 be the year where the winning bidders of the property from 2-4 years ago be coming home to roost? Read more here

Winner's Curse

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