U.S. economy added 171,000 jobs in October

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This is a good news for the US and Global economy, for Commercial Real Estate and absolutely for Obama. This is a culmination of the tough years slowly turning around and quite likely the first positive momentum in a very long time.

Obama's win - what it means for small business

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President Barack Obama's re-election means the federal health care law will move forward, but it remains to be seen how the law will affect business owners' bottom lines. Obama's re-election also might pave the way for a showdown with congressional Republicans over his tax proposals, which might end in standstill. "I don't think anything's going to change," Peter Cohan of Babson College said.

Is it the right time to sell hotels in San Francisco?

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The hottest hotel market in San Francisco has aroused hoteliers’ confidence and convinced some of them it’s a good time to sell now! But whether they actually sell at the high prices, is another question.

College housing operators aim upscale

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Student Housing operators are now focused on the next evolution of student living known as cottage–style housing that are upscale homes with bedrooms clustered around gourmet kitchens and access to amenity-filled clubhouses.

AvalonBay purchased 55 9th St site to build a $125M 273 unit development projected focused on Gen Y tenants

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On June 1, 2012 AvalonBay purchased a .8219 acre lot in San Francisco's Mid-Market district and is reported to start construction of its 273 unit apartment building as early as July 2012. Per Costar, the sale price was reported at $20M.

Urban Green Investments buys a 12 building multi-family portfolio for $38.5M

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Urban Green Investments purchased a 12-building multi-family portfolio end of May 2012 from Prana Investments. Its a great time to buy non-distressed buildings and to take advantage of the escalated rents in the city. Costar reports the cap rate for the portfolio is 6.5%.


Union Investment takes down Class A 555 Mission Street for $446.5M

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Union Investment Realty GmbH has acquired 555 Mission Street in the South Financial District in San Francisco... Another recent acquisition to further increase the geographical diversification of Unilmmo: Europa's real estate fund's American holdings.


Wells Fargo takes biggest share of mortgage business on record

Wells Fargo has taken a 35% share of the $385B mortgage market. It is a credit to them that they were able to wait it out during the boom years and suffer very little from the downturn. 

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Apple Demolishes Expectations, Delivers Another Monster Quarter

This is great news for all of us who are reliant on the tech economy especially in the Bay Area. The obvious question is can they keep it going?

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Apartment Sales Jump 31 Percent in Q1 2012

This confirms what we felt was a significant change in the market. After a tough four year period where many of the apartment owners have had to battle from being under water are now in a position where they can realize a recovery in their equity. While we are not being flooded with assets on the market there are a number of owners now liquidating their positions. Conversely there is plenty of equity out there looking to buy.

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