As San Francisco’s Housing Debate Heats Up, Some Push for Development Moratoria

San Francisco is a unique place. Yet, its singularity comes with emotional baggage, because this city is dealing with issues that plague almost no other place on earth.

Foreign Direct Investors a New Target Market


Cap Rates Defy Logic as Rent Growth Looks Up

By Anna Caplan | Dallas/Fort Worth

DALLAS—Industry experts met via webinar Wednesday to discuss the state of the country’s multifamily market. The 2015 Kickoff Webinar of Apartment Development, hosted by locally based Humphreys & Partners Architects LP, focused on the sector’s key components including design and finance related issues.

Europe's Top Property Fund Shows Taste for Risk



Europe’s larger funds are pumping more money into US Real Estate as a safety hedge against their own economies. Good news for institutional quality assets Nationwide. 

Regulator Urges U.S. Congress to Act on Mortgage Finance Overhaul



As regulators address what to do with Fannie and Freddie, the direction they take is a huge concern for the Multi-Family Industry. From an institutional level, Fannie and Freddie have been the largest supplier of capital into the apartment business. Any backing off by these two massive groups will impact lending.

Private-Equity Real Estate Commitments On The Rise



It makes a lot of sense that investors will return to the same pot if the returns continue to be strong as they have been. The issue maybe if interest rates start to slowly climb and the economy remains flat the spread may not be as strong.

Opposition to continued bond buying grows within Fed



This could be the first sign of an increase in interest rates. Indicators are that borrowing has started to overheat.

Multifamily Borrowers Have It Good


If interest rates stay low why wouldn’t people borrow?

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